Cardiac Science:
At the Heart of Saving Lives™

Cardiac Science designs, manufactures and markets Powerheart® automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and related services that facilitate successful deployments.

iShop offers customers in the lower 48 United States the ability to purchase their most commonly used accessories.  Cardiac Science offers premium batteries, defibrillator pads, and related items, all specifically designed to maximize the performance of our Powerheart AEDs. Select a category to begin shopping.

Selected Products:

Our most popular accessories

  • Our Product Line

    Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs are used in businesses, schools, and community settings around the world. Your AED devices and services need to be tailored to your unique needs.

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  • Service & Support

    Cardiac Science offers technical support, professional services, on-site repairs, and factory repair.

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Only genuine Cardiac Science Intellisense® batteries and defibrillation pads ensure your AED maintains its warranty and accompanying indemnification policy. Insist on products that carry the Cardiac Science brand and shield. They may be purchased on this site or from a Cardiac Science Authorized Partner.